Alocasia Green Velvet


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Say hey to the sought after Alocasia Green Velvet aka Elephant’s Ear. He has the most magnificent dark green foliage that has wicked white veins throughout the leaf and stands tall on a pale stalk. He’s an incredibly handsome indoor house plant that is sure to bring the tropics to suburbia or wherever you live! He is grown and sold in 100mm pots.

Care Tips:

  • If he is grown indoors he will need a spot with plenty of indirect sunlight
  • If he is grown outdoors he will much prefer a shaded spot so that he doesn’t get sunburnt leaves
  • Let his top soil dry out before giving him a big water. Big water means you should water him until the water starts pouring out of his drainage holes
  • When you decide to repot him he will need free-draining potting mix
  • He can grow up to 2m if you continue to repot him. Although he won’t typically outgrow the pot you put him in


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